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Access To Over 1 BILLION Records

Just about any kind of record you may need, you can access discreetly and privately from your home computer.

Property Records, Background Checks, Marriage & Divorce, Court Records, Birth Records to list only a few.

  • Access to over 3500 County Court Records
  • Access to 50 State Appellate Court Records
  • Access to 30 plus years of Address Histories
  • Access to over 500 State and over 100 Federal Prison Data
  • Access to over 250 Country Arrest Records
  • Access to Nationwide Court Records

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Easily and Quickly Gather Property Records

There are a thousand reasons why someone may want to retrieve property records. If you are searching for a house to buy, the information gathered from a thorough property records search could save you a ton of money.

For example, do you think the following information may prove advantageous to you if you were interested in a particular house?

Not only how long a particular house has been listed, but how many times it has been listed, taken off the market and then re-listed again as a brand new listing?

How long a current owner has owned the house and how much is outstanding on the mortgage? (hint – short sale anyone?)

Back Taxes owed

Is home in foreclosure?

Have additions or improvements been made without the necessary permits?

Are the owners divorced? (hint - extreme motivated seller scenario)

Begin with your basic free search below:

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Discreet Background Checks

A background check is an invaluable tool to gather detailed information for a lot of different reasons. They can provide the obvious important pieces of data about others such as their addresses past and present, business address, occupation, legal name and also the not so obvious pieces of information which might normally pass undetected. Such as criminal history, divorce & marital status, income, property ownership and a whole host of other info.

Each company performing a Background Check will undertake the task based on their own specific criteria. Because of this, before you employ a company to perform a background check, you should determine that the company will provide you with the specific types of info you are looking for.

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