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Owen County Auditor

C:\Documents And Settings\rosenMultnomah County Auditor's Office February 15, 2001 To: Diane Linn, Multnomah County Chair Maria Rojo de Steffey, Commissioner, District 1 Serena Cruz Rhyne, and Kathy Treb District Attorney: John Bradley, Helen O'Brien, Judy Phelan, Helen Smith and Jo'ey Stewart Sheriff: Sharon Owen Multnomah County GIS … View Document Angie Lawson Announces Republican Bid […]


Buck County Auditor

Present: Supervisors-J. C. Engel, Larry “Buck” Koos, John …Present: J. C. Engel, Larry “Buck” Koos, John J. Willey; Deputy Auditor Shelley Hoye; Administrative Assistant Martha Gantzer-Kueter; Media- Sheri Melvold, KMAQ. 1:00 PM Special meeting called to order and pledge of allegiance recited. 1:01 PM County Attorney John Kies discussed the lease … Content Retrieval ATTORNEY […]